GBL Supports Cardozo High School FLEX Lab Aviation Classroom Experience

October 2015

GBL Systems Corporation has joined forces with TEQGames, to help bring their latest learning and simulation product called FLEX-ACE to classrooms across America; with an initial bicoastal focus.

As such, GBL recently supported a FLEX Lab Aviation Classroom Experience (FLEX-ACE) at the Washington, DC Cardozo Education Campus. Following this successful event, Cheryl Pellerin from the DoD News noted the impressiveness of the three dual-pilot flight simulators, air-traffic-control tower, and nine remotely piloted vehicle stations. She also mentioned how the system let students role-play in real-world missions that took place at test ranges across the country and in local air space.

Dr. David Brown (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Developmental T&E) who attended the Cardozo ceremony further commented that, “This is a real distributed test lab, and the students are emulating test operators”.

GBL is also working with additional schools in the Southern California region to introduce FLEX-ACE, and provide students one-on-one mentorship from our on-staff subject matter experts of world class pilots and technical engineers.